Prima Defensio (Pty) Ltd. provide growers with a globally unique new patent pending solution to the most pervasive and devaluating, post-harvest defect known, namely bruise damage. Acting as a Prima Defensio, meaning “first line of defence”, FRUITGUARD™ protects fruit from bruise damage and scuffing absorbing the shocks and vibrations, normally absorbed by the 30% of fruit in contact with harvest bin’s side walls and floor during handling and transportation.


Working with the grower, during the commercial evaluation of FRUITGUARD™, a tracking and monitoring concept was developed, measuring the main contributing forces at work and pinning down the locations of events responsible for the bruise damage, from inside the orchard to the packhouse. FRUITGUARD™ not only proved to be a game changer, but with the additional option of GPS tracking and monitoring services, resources can be focussed where it is most needed.


Additional benefits

  • Export Fruit Increase + 7.5% to 14.1%

  • Higher Value and Quality Fruit with zero bruising

  • Income Improvement + 10% to 15%

  • Reduce and minimize Food (Fruit) Waste

  • Cooling & Ventilation - Excellent

  • Post-Harvest Drench - Excellent water flow

  • Economical - Reusable x 3

  • Recyclable